School of Continuing Education

Adult higher education has been carried out in JAU since 1960, which was suspended during the ”°Cultural Revolution”± (1966-1976). JAU opened various training sessions for different levels of students since 1979, then, with the approval of Education Department of Jilin Province in February 1980, it resumed its regular correspondence education and short-term training session. After that, correspondence education office was set up in November, 1980; department of adult education in October 1988, school of adult education in August 1998. ”°School of Continuing Education”± is its official name which was confirmed in March 2010. (Hereinafter referred to as SCE)

        SCE is composed of national major vocational education faculty training base office, the academic affairs office, training department, students work office and control office, covers a staff of 16 faculties, among whom 14 undertake teaching management, 5 with senior professional title.

       Over the years, SCE adheres to the school-running idea that ”°Holding the advantage of adult degree education, feature of short-term training and non-degree education, development with multi-disciplinary coordination”±, and forms a continuing education mode with multi-specialty, multi-level, multi-standard, multi-form, and multi-channel. Now SCE has been identified and approved as the training base for national main focused vocational education teacher, modern agricultural technology of Ministry of Agriculture, rural party members and cadres practice training base and grassroots cadres of Jilin province, Anhua agricultural insurance co., LTD, and test center of National Computer Rank Examination, etc.

       At present, SCE covers a total of nearly 10 thousand registered students who can choose from 39 correspondence majors with undergraduate and junior college level. With the running of degree education, at the same time, SCE undertakes various non-degree programs, such as ”°project of one least undergraduate in each village”± supported by Jilin provincial party committee organization department, training to state-level backbone teacher of secondary vocational schools, ”°training to village party branch secretary for promoting new countryside construction”± in Jilin province, ”°training to 10 thousand village cadres”± in Jilin province, ”°training to township backbone civil servants”± in Jilin province, reform of grass-root agricultural technology extension system and training to agro-technique personnel in demonstration county in Jilin province, training to staffs of Anhua agricultural insurance co., LTD., etc. Every year, SCE holds nearly 40 training sessions with different ranks which contribute more that 4000 talents annually to the community with various specialties and levels.

        Sixty years of cultivation and accumulation, SCE has received many honorable awards, including the ”°advanced unit”± in adult education and in the correspondence night-school education of general institutes of higher education in Jilin province, the ”°remarkable school-running performance unit”± in Changchun, the ”°honored supervision school”± in self-taught examination in Jilin province, the ”°honored test center”± of National Computer Rank Examination, etc.

       Looking to the future, with the guide of the Scientific Outlook on Development, SCE will adhere to the university motto of ”°Advocating moral values and wisdom, stressing simplicity and steadfast behaviors”± which aims to improve our educational philosophy. With the highlighting of the feature of continue education, we grab and utilize the moment of fast school development opportunity which is supported by our education resources and modern education technology, contributing high quality and multi-levels talents to our community, further creating a new dimension of continue education.