School of Chinese Medicinal Materials

     Founded in 1958, School of Chinese Medicinal Materials first set up the undergraduate specialties of Medicinal Plants, Economic Animals, Development & Utilization of Wild Plant Resources. The features of our scientific research & talents cultivating are embodied in the research & exploitation of the medicinal plants, animals and mushroom, Standardization Production & Quality Control of Chinese Medicinal Materials, Protection & Exploitation of Wild Plants & Animals. Over 57 years hard works, we have accomplished outstanding research achievements in Ginseng Standardized Production, Protection & Sustainable Exploitation of Chinese Medicinal Materials, Exploitation of Active Constituent & New Products of Chinese Medicinal Materials, Processing & Concoction of Chinese Medicinal Materials, etc, contributed many excellent talents for the sustainable development of national & local economic construction and Chinese Medicinal Materials Industry. (Hereinafter referred to as SCMM)

     At present, SCMM have set up 2 doctoral degree authorized disciplines: Medicinal Materials, Special Economic Animals Feeding; 3 first-level masterí»s degree authorized disciplines: Chinese Medicine, Pharmacy, Ecology; a second-level masterí»s degree authorized disciplines: Protection & Utilization of Wild Animals & Plants. Amidst them, Medicinal Plant Science is the key discipline of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese Medicine is the í░advantageous featuredí▒ discipline of Jilin Province. Resource & Exploitation of Chinese Medicine is the í░National featuredí▒ Undergraduate Specialty. We also own one provincial excellent course, 7 provincial outstanding courses and 3 excellent teaching teams.

     SCMM owns a strong faculty team: 17 persons with senior professional title, 23 with associate senior professional title, 87.3% of the teachers hold Ph. D degree, 2 experts with national outstanding contribution, 2 provincial senior experts, 2 outstanding youth experts with provincial outstanding contribution, 3 top-notch innovative talents, 2 discipline leading professors of Jilin Province. It also owns 9 doctoral supervisors, 39 masterí»s supervisors, under them over 100 new doctoral and graduate students will be enrolled and studied.

    SCMM has established various facilities: State Key Laboratory & Breeding Base for Ecological Restoration and Management, third-class Laboratory Supported by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China for Medicinal Plant Culture & Breeding, Research Center of Jilin Provincial Ginseng Engineering & Technology, Basic Experiment Demonstration Center of Plant Science, Jilin Province, secondí¬class laboratory Supported by Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (medicinal plants, medicinal animals and Chinese Medicine Chemistry), Research Office of Northern Local Medicine Processing & its Basic Effect, Deer Production & Application, Medicinal Mushroom Resources Development & Exploitation, supported by Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which provides good basis for the talents cultivating and scientific research.

     At present, SCMM undertook national & provincial scientific research programs with a total number of more than 60, a total amount of fund 50 million RMB. Over the last 5 years, SCMM have won various awards: 1 second class prize of national Science and Technology advancement, 5 first class prizes of Provincial Science and Technology advancement, 8 second and third class prizes, 2 Provincial and municipal Science and Technology advancement, as well as more than 30 invention patents. SCMM has compiled more than 10 programmed textbooks with national and ministerial level, such as: Medicinal Plants, Chinese Medicine Pharmacy, Chinese Medicine Identification, Chinese Medicine Chemistry, Chinese Medicine Resources, Plant Resource, Medicinal Plant Cultivation, Medicinal Plant Breeding, Economic Animal Breeding, Economic Animal Production, Economic Animal Epidemics, etc.