Project Introduction

     In October, 2005, JilinAgriculturalUniversityand University ofCamerino signed the Intention to set up overseas joint-run school.

      In May, 2006,JilinAgriculturalUniversityandUniversityofCamerinosigned the Protocol on Implementation of the Double Degree on Biotechnology between University ofCamerinoandJilinAgriculturalUniversity.

Since 2006 till now,JilinAgriculturalUniversityhas sent 38 undergraduates, 17 postgraduates to study in University ofCamerino. Among all students, 9 undergraduates, 12 postgraduates have graduated and 3 students are pursuing their Ph.d degree inUniversityofCamerino.

     In September, 2011,JilinAgriculturalUniversityandCamerinoUniversitysigned the Agreement on cooperative program on undergraduate biotechnology education between University ofCamerinoandJilinAgriculturalUniversity. The two parties established a project managerial committee, President Qin Guixin acting as the committee chairman.

In June, 2012, the cooperative running school project was approved by Chinese Education Ministry and was incorporated in the Chinese higher education enrollment plan.

     In July, 2013, the project begins to enroll new students.